• Patch 1.0.2 rebalanced faction influence gain and fixed a multitude of bugs
  • Boarsholm will no longer spawn absurd amounts of boars
  • Attacking faction influence over an area will no longer passively decrease over time

The latest update for “New World” has arrived with small yet significant changes, mostly bug fixes and a big change to how factions can fight over territory.

New World’s” 1.0.2 patch was designed to fix a number of prominent bugs that have been plaguing the game, as well as rebalance the faction influence mechanic to make settlement management a little easier. While this patch may not have any major content drops, it’s still a welcome step forward for the game overall.

Factions should now be able to hold their owned territories for longer due to the changes to how influence works. After the patch, influence gained over time by attacking factions will now accumulate more slowly than before. According to the patch notes, there was a bug that affected the original influence gain rate that caused it to increase faster than intended. This has now been fixed.

New World is set in Aeternum, a mysterious land ripe with resources, magic, treasure and many hostile monsters
New World is set in Aeternum, a mysterious land ripe with resources, magic, treasure and many hostile monsters Amazon Game Studios

Attacking factions will now have to put in some extra work before they can throw a region in conflict. On the other hand, defenders will also have to pay more attention to their territory as the influence that opposing factions inflict will no longer decay over time.

Defenders will now have to put in some extra effort if they want to keep their territories. For those who don’t know, territory influence is earned by performing PvP missions inside a region. If an opposing faction pushes their influence to the maximum possible level, the region will come into a state of conflict, which will eventually lead to a war.

Time will tell if this change will be healthy for the game or not, as it might throw the existing flow of faction wars out of whack.

Other changes introduced in the patch are mainly just bug fixes. Here are a few notable ones:

  • Fixed an issue causing territory influence to be reset after an invasion
  • Fixed an issue causing some crafting bonuses to not provide the minimum intended values
  • Fixed an issue causing the Ice Pylon ability to not cooldown properly
  • Fixed an issue causing twice the intended number of boars to spawn at the Boarsholm POI in Restless Shores

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