• Doing quests is a great way to earn gold while finishing the main story line
  • Learning how to read the player market is the best way to earn money
  • Selling rare materials, ingredients and equipment can help players earn gold at a faster rate

Making money in “New World” isn’t as simple as it first appears to be. While many players can find themselves stocked with thousands of gold during the early levels, earning money at the later stages of the game can be somewhat difficult, especially once the main questline has been finished.

Gold can be used to purchase just about everything in the game, from crafting reagents and equipment to player housing and even entire territories. Players should always try to find some sort of method to earn gold reliably, but this is often easier said than done.

Many players have already found their go-to ways to earn as much gold as they can. Here’s a short guide to help new players reach this same level of income as they continue their adventures in Aeternum.

New World is set in Aeternum, a mysterious land ripe with resources, magic, treasure and many hostile monsters New World is set in Aeternum, a mysterious land ripe with resources, magic, treasure and many hostile monsters Photo: Amazon Game Studios

Analyze The Player Market

To no one’s surprise, mercantilism is a great way to earn money in “New World.” With the economy being run mostly by the players, there’s much money to be had for those with the patience to study how the market works.

Try to get a feel for what sort of items are in demand. This will vary from server to server but items like Runes of Holding, Iron Ore, rare cooking ingredients and gemstones are often in highly sought-after. Collect these items in the open world and sell them in the market to earn a generous profit.

Sell Rare Loot And Crafted Gear

Equipment with ideal stats and perk rolls can sell extremely well in the Trading Post. Players will always need weapons, armor and tools, so don’t be afraid to post a well-rolled item on the market for a reasonable price.

Main Story And Side Quests

“New World” is filled with simple quests that offer decent sums of gold as rewards. The main quest in particular is a great way to earn both XP and money as well as a few useful items that players can use as they level up; the same goes for side quests.

The only downside here is that these quests are finite. Players will run out of quests to do outside of repeatable bounties, but the main story and side quests are great for those who want a small boost to their initial capital.