• "New World's" gold duplication exploits have been fixed
  • Restrictions have been put in place to prevent coin sellers from plaguing the game
  • Respec costs across the board have been reduced

After a rather tumultuous week, the latest patch for “New World” has been released with the intention of fixing some of the game’s most problematic issues and glaring exploits.

The new patch introduced a barrage of fixes for bugs and exploits that have been running rampant in “New World” recently, and players should now be able to enjoy the game a fair bit more than before. Here are the most important changes, fixes and additions players can expect to see when they log in to the game after the update was implemented.

Patch Highlights – Economy Fixes

The first and most important fix included in this patch is for gold duplication exploit involving storage sheds and the trading post. Players will no longer be able to dupe money through these channels, and the trading posts have once again been opened for everyone to use. This also includes the gold duping exploit for territory boards.

New World has a robust crafting system that rewards players who take the extra time to gather materials
New World has a robust crafting system that rewards players who take the extra time to gather materials Amazon Games

Speaking of money-making, the developers are currently addressing the problem regarding chat spammers who are flooding chat channels with coin-selling services. To combat this, Amazon Games Studios has banned the majority of the reported accounts and has implemented a number of restrictions to prevent them from coming back.

The most noticeable change concerning this is the new trading restriction rule for players below level 10 and for accounts that are less than 72 hours old. Additionally, the amount of money players can earn from the early-game quests has been slightly reduced, but the coin reward for later quests has been increased to compensate. Lastly, trading post access will now be locked until a related quest is finished.

Interestingly, repair kits will no longer cost coin to use, which should alleviate some of the game’s economic balance issues.

Combat Changes

The Life Staff’s Orb of Protection skill received some adjustments, particularly for how the projectile would interact with targets. It will no longer trigger small AoE effects when passing through targets and will now only trigger on impact.

Meanwhile, respec costs for attributes and weapon mastery points have been reduced significantly. Players will now be able to change their builds without worrying about spending as much coin and Azoth. Additionally, players will no longer be able to equip two of the same weapon types at once.

Lastly, teams that lose in Outpost Rush will now receive fewer coin and Azoth rewards to encourage actual competition within the game mode.

For the rest of the fixes, refer to the full patch notes found here.


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