An Apple iPhone 6 owner in Gurgaon, India, reportedly escaped unhurt when his new device exploded. Kishan Yadav had used the handset for only two days. He reportedly was using the speakerphone of the handset rather than holding the device to his ear, which saved him from injury, according to the Times of India.

Yadav reportedly was in his car talking to a friend when sparks flew from the device. He threw the extremely hot handset out of the car window. It exploded seconds later. "When I threw the phone, the call was on and the battery was around 70 percent,” he said.

Once the phone cooled down, Yadav took it to the store where he'd bought it and was told to take it to an Apple service center. The service center asked Yadav to leave the iPhone to be examined and said they would update him about it eventually. Not satisfied, he instead filed a police report.

Yadav reportedly purchased the 64 GB variant in gray for 60,000 rupees ($945). 

This is apparently the first reported explosion of an iPhone 6 in India, where Apple launched its 2014 flagship handset in October. But it's not the only such incident. According to PCMag, a man from Long Island filed a complaint in March stating his device exploded in flames in his pocket, causing third-degree burns.