• Sony is rumored to hold the next State of Play for the PS5 in August
  • A new leak surfaced online revealing the possible date of the rumored PS5 State of Play
  • The leak also mentioned that the PS5 event would be held earlier than the Microsoft's Xboxing event

The date for the next State of Play for Sony’s PS5 was recently leaked online. The Japanese gaming giant recently held the PS5 digital event and showcased the upcoming next-gen titles and gameplay. It also unveiled the PS5 console and made several announcements.

PS5 State of Play Event Date

Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb recently shared on his official Twitter account the possible dates for the next PS5 State of Play. According to the journalist, the rumored event might happen between August 5 and August 11. However, there seems to be no official date for the Sony’s upcoming event yet, considering that Grubb only gave the tentative dates.

When asked if the PS5 State of Play could happen before or after the Xboxing Day, Grubb said he thinks it would take place before the rumored Microsoft event. The follower probably raised the question because it was earlier leaked that Microsoft’s next event for the Xbox Series X could happen between August 11 and August 22. However, Grubb said that it is not yet certain, so there is no specific date at the moment.

Sony, on track for a new-generation PlayStation console this year, is unveiling game titles for the device this week
Sony, on track for a new-generation PlayStation console this year, is unveiling game titles for the device this week AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU

PS5 State Of Play What To Expect?

On the upcoming State of Play presumably happening next month, Sony will once again focus of=n the PS5. Whispers online claim that Sony would launch a lot of first-party and third-party titles at the event. Sony has not yet commented on the leaked date or about the rumored State of Play.

Will the Japanese gaming giant finally announce the price and the release date of the PS5? Over the past weeks, fans have been speculating that Sony would officially announce the much-awaited details on its next PS5 event. The same goes for Xbox Series X’s fans, whose optimism recently rose when Xbox head Phil Spencer that an Xbox Series X event would happen in August.

Both Sony and Microsoft maintain their Holiday 2020 release window. Rumors have it that Microsoft might officially launch the heavily-rumored Xbox Series S console in its August event. It is worth mentioning, however, that all these are unconfirmed and unofficial. In other words, take this information with a pinch of salt.