HTC Corp. seems to be quickly resolving some issues early adopters of the Nexus 9 have had with their tablets. The Nexus 9 is HTC’s first tablet since 2011, and while it is intended to be a high-end tablet with a pretty expensive price tag, some owners have reported issues that indicate a flimsy build quality. Prices for the Nexus 9 start at $399.

In particular, some Nexus 9 owners reported the power button and volume rocker on the tablet was so indented, it was difficult to press the buttons and have them work. Some have gotten their tablets replaced; Reddit user Sebastian Gorgon shared on the social networking platform a photo of his old Nexus 9 on top of his new Nexus 9, showing the more recently manufactured device has more prominent power and volume buttons. HTC has not publicly commented on design issues with the Nexus 9, but appears to be taking users’ grievances under consideration.

Other issues Nexus 9 users have reported include “backlight bleeding,” in which lights underneath the display panel are visible along the corners of the screen. However, this may be more of an innate flaw in high-resolution LCD screens and less of an issue with HTC’s design.

Users also report, “flexing” of the back panel, in which the panel bends and makes a popping noise while the tablet is being handled. This design flaw has not been addressed. Most issues seem to be localized on Nexus 9 models that were shipped in October, according to tech publication Pocket Now.

Having inspected our Nexus 9 model, we can also confirm the shallow buttons, though they are not that hard to press, and the flexing of the back panel. We have not noticed much of an issue with backlight bleeding.