Canadian rapper Drake has made his affection for “Anaconda” rapper Nicki Minaj well known amid his feud with her boyfriend, Meek Mill. After Mill has failed to sufficiently slam Drake in dis tracks, Drake believes that he will be able to woo Minaj away from Mill, Hollywood Life wrote in an exclusive report Wednesday.

The Internet found Mill to be the loser in this battle, even more so after the rapper tried to slay Drake a capella during a show in Charleston, North Carolina, Tuesday night. “Drake think Nicki has got to be embarrassed with him. He’s seriously ruining her image and her status. Drake knows that at some point Nicki is going to end things with him,” an insider told Hollywood Life Wednesday. “Drake feel the more and more this idiot opens his mouth, Nicki’s closer to leaving him.”

It has already been widely rumored that Minaj, 32, left Mill, 28, after he released “Wanna Know.” He accused Drake, 28, of using a ghostwriter.

Drake Blasts Meek Mill in Live Performance The beef between Meek Mill and Drake continued Monday when Drake, pictured performing at the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 12, opened up a live show with both Meek Mill dis songs. Photo: Getty

The Trinidad-born beauty hasn’t released a statement about the status of her relationship with Mill, but she did share a picture of her hugging her supposed boyfriend on stage. In a different picture, however, Minaj’s body language looks like she’s no longer interested in Mill, Media Take Out noted.

Drake is reportedly planning to release a third dis track, called “3 Peat,” but maybe he will save Mill the embarrassment and keep it on the back burner. He already made Mill look foolish during the OVO fest in Toronto Monday night when he opened up the show with memes of his foe and wore a #FreeMeekMill shirt, which is a reference to when Mill was released from prison in December 2014.

Minaj’s silence in the Drake vs. Mill feud has enraged the Philadelphia rapper. “Meek is furious Drake blasted him…” an insider told Hollywood Life in a different story Tuesday. “He’s still mad at Nicki for standing idle and not defending him.” In turned out that Mill did try to slam Drake, again, but failed, again.

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