Splatoon 2
The upcoming holiday updates for "Splatoon 2" adds a new game mode, as well as new battle stages, hairstyles and gear. Nintendo

Nintendo has announced huge updates this coming holiday season for “Splatoon 2.” The upcoming updates to the Nintendo Switch-exclusive shooter game will add new stages, new gear and hairstyles for inklings and a lot more.

The first wave of new content for “Splatoon 2” will be available on Nov. 23. This update grants players access to four new battle stages. The new stages won’t be available immediately, but will roll out over the subsequent weeks, Nintendo said. The first stage that will be available to play will be MakoMart, which will arrive on Black Friday on Nov. 24.

The other three stages that will arrive in the following weeks are Shellendorf Institute, Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall. Shellendorf Institute is a brand new stage, while Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall are both popular stages from the original “Splatoon” game. Nintendo didn’t give out exact dates for when these other stages will be available to play, so players should keep an eye out.

The update on Nov. 23 also adds a new stage to the Salmon Run online multiplayer mode called Salmonid Smokeyard. Once users update “Splatoon 2” on Nov. 23, this stage will be added automatically to the stage rotation. Nintendo described Salmonid Smokeyard as having a “wide gap on the beach that divides two upper platforms, with fan lifts being the quickest way to traverse the two platforms.”

Also on Nov. 23, the update to “Splatoon 2” will add around 140 new pieces of gear. This includes new shoes, headgear and clothes. Nintendo says that some items from the first “Splatoon” will also be making a return. Additionally, new hairstyles will also be available so users have more options to style out their inkling.

The update on Nov. 23 also increases the maximum player level from Level 50 up to Level 99. When players reach Level 99, they can talk to Judd the cat, so they can have their level reset to Level ★1 and they can continue leveling up.

In addition, the update on Nov. 23 will add a new amiibo functionality. Tapping a compatible amiibo figure after the update will let players take and share in-game photos in present locations in Battle Stages. Nintendo is also adding new battle music. Lastly, the update will also let players swap out gear without having to exit a game.

Nintendo also announced an update for “Splatoon 2” that’s scheduled to arrive in mid-December. However, Nintendo didn’t give out an exact date. This particular update will add a new online multiplayer game mode called Clam Blitz.

In Clam Blitz, competing players will have to collect clams scattered throughout the stage. When collected, these clams will follow players around. The main objective of the game is to throw these clams into the basket that’s located near the opponent’s base. As an extra challenge, the baskets may be protected by a barrier, which players will have to destroy first. When players collect 10 clams, they will receive a Power Clam which can destroy those barriers. Players will also be able to steal an opponent's clams by splatting them down.

The upcoming updates for “Splatoon 2” are completely free. This is surprising since the updates are adding a ton of new content. “We really had two goals in making these two updates free to our player base,” producer Hisashi Nogami told IGN. “The first is that ... We had a strong player base from the game's launch. We want to continue offering new and exciting content for those players.”

“Also, as we head into the end of the year, we're hoping that there will be a significant number of people who pick up the Switch for the first time or pick up Splatoon 2 as a new purchase. We want to give those people a robust amount of content that they can enjoy along with the players that have been there since day one,” Nogami added.