An employee arranges Nintendo Co's Wii game console at a Yamada Denki electronics retail store in Tokyo
Nintendo could be revealing the next generation Wii at E3. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

E3 may be saving the best for last when Nintendo makes its E3 presentation.

Taking place in Los Angeles, Calif this year, E3 is the video game industry's biggest trade show where the top console manufacturers and software developers reveal their latest and greatest products. Yesterday, Microsoft introduced enhancements to Xbox Live and Sony introduced their new portable gaming console, Vita. But most video game insiders expect Nintendo to unveil the second generation Wii, codenamed Project Cafe, and create the most buzz coming out of the event.

Nintendo with their next generation console will generate the most excitement, said Scott Steinberg, veteran video game analyst at They have a long and proud history of innovation and what they will be able to do to top the Wii, the system that made motion control popular, will be interesting. It could be more power, HD graphics, a controller with touch screen capability that would function as itself.

According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the next generation Nintendo console will include that touch screen controller. It will come with a six-inch screen and will dually function as its own portable console and controller for the bigger gaming console. It will also come with a camera that will allow players to create characters based on photos they take, according to Nikkei.

Nintendo will be making their announcements live at 12:00 pm eastern and 9 am pacific. We will be covering it live as it happens so check back at noon to see what happens.