Google may soon join hands with the auto alliance comprising Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi to develop autonomous taxis and other services for various global markets.

Under the Google-deal, the auto-makers will work with Waymo, the Google-affiliated developer and a leader in self-driving technology. 

Similar to Nissan Terrano’s huge brand pull, Waymo is also ahead in self-driving vehicles and holds the record of having crossed 10 million miles on the U.S. public roads.

The collaboration talks are reportedly in the final stage and final announcements are expected by the spring.

The automakers will cooperate with Google in many areas including mobility as a service, (MaaS) that replaces the concept of vehicle ownership with a broad usage of transportation services. Already the alliance has adopted Google operating system in their internal information systems under a decision taken in Sept 2018.

Other plans involve the joint development of unmanned taxis using Nissan vehicles and developing systems for handling reservation and payments.

The car makers’ alliance collectively sold 10.8 million vehicles in 2018.

Waymo expertise in autonomous vehicle technology

In 2018, Waymo introduced commercial self-driving taxi service in Phoenix, Arizona. The Google tie-up will help the alliance to harness the tech giant's leadership in infrastructure technology space with products like Google Maps.

Both Nissan and Renault enjoy a wider reach in Asia and other regions heralding the opportunity to expand self-driving technologies into new markets.

Google has an ongoing cooperation with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Jaguar Land Rover.

Internet of things connected car technology

As for next-gen technologies, the alliance with Google will pave way for carmakers to gain from Google’s internet of things “connected car” technology. The car alliance is also talking to Germany's Daimler AG for cooperation in autonomous cars.

Boston Consulting Group says an average investment of $1.8 trillion will be required by 2035 for the development of self-driving taxis.

Toyota Motor Corp is yet another car maker that has forged partnerships with non-auto players. Toyota joined hands with information technology giant SoftBank Group for adding new services to its vehicles.