Apple has broken its silence amid reports claiming that it is launching a program that would provide replacements for iPhone 6 batteries. Unfortunately for iPhone 6 owners, the Cupertino giant has denied the veracity of such reports. 

An Apple corporate insider told AppleInsider on Tuesday that the company does not have plans of launching a battery exchange program for the iPhone 7’s predecessor. “We constantly evaluate service statistics. There are no plans or grounds for a wide iPhone 6 battery exchange program at this time,” the insider said. 

The insider’s statement is a clear response to reports claiming the Cupertino tech company is going to provide battery replacements for iPhone 6 devices. The reports originated from Macotakara’s story about a battery replacement program that was allegedly in the works. Despite not providing solid evidence on the existence of the program, other news sites reiterated the same assumption right away, giving falls hopes to iPhone 6 owners. 

AppleInsider took the time to ask local Apple retail stores and all of them said that they have know idea about this reported program. In addition, no data from Apple could corroborate the story and provide a basis for the existence of a battery exchange program for the iPhone 6. 

The speculation that Apple is providing battery replacements came amid complaints from users that their handset would randomly shut down. The problem surfaced last year, and Apple has claimed that this only affects a small number of iPhone 6 units that were manufactured from September through October 2015, as per Cult of Mac. The company did give out replacements to some customers, but there are still others out there complaining of the same issue. 

Apple previously rolled out an iOS update in hopes of relieving the problem with the iPhone 6 devices. The update came with diagnostic features to identify the root cause of the battery-related issue.