• Chlorine is obtained by refining salt in any refinery
  • More chlorine can be obtained by using oxygen during the refinement process
  • It is sometimes sold in galactic trading posts 

Chlorine is one of the many materials that can be used for crafting in “No Man’s Sky.” It is used to make and refine some advanced building components, and more importantly, vast amounts of chlorine can be sold to earn copious amounts of money.

Much like cobalt, chlorine is one of the best sources of money early in the game. A stack of chlorine can be multiplied within minutes, but the real challenge is getting enough chlorine on-hand in the first place.

Where to get chlorine in “No Man’s Sky”

Chlorine is a processed material that’s obtained by refining salt in any refinery.

Salt typically spawns in ocean planets, but there are some cases where it can be mined from dead or abandoned planets. Salt deposits appear as bright green rocks, and they’re easy to be mistaken for rusted metal deposits, so make sure to double-check the scanner before mining.

Having a freighter or a small base with a teleportation network can greatly help with mining and refining chlorine.

Exploring the exterior of a freighter in No Man's Sky
Exploring the exterior of a freighter in No Man's Sky Hello Games

How to duplicate chlorine

On-hand chlorine can be multiplied several times by using oxygen during the refinement process. Players can add salt during the first time they refine salt into chlorine, and more oxygen can be added later once the chlorine is finished cooking.

Refinement is arguably the best way to make chlorine. However, the real issue here is finding a steady source of oxygen to fuel the process.

How to farm oxygen

Every space station always has some amount of oxygen for sale. Players can hop between stations and purchase every bit of oxygen they can without worrying much about money since they’ll be able to make literal millions by selling chlorine.

The roaming starship captains that hop out of parked ships or hail players while in space also tend to sell oxygen, so be sure to talk to them whenever they’re available.

Alternatively, oxygen can be harvested passively by setting up buildings. Oxygen Harvesters can be placed anywhere on a planet, and as long as they’re powered, they will continuously generate oxygen over time.

Both salt and chlorine are sometimes sold on galactic trading posts. Mining economies tend to have these materials available for sale more often, along with other exotic minerals and elements.