• Faecium is harvested from plants and animals
  • Mordite can be refined into Faecium
  • Gutrot Flowers can be planted and turned into harvestable Faecium

Faecium is one of the essential crafting materials used in a few key buildings in “No Man’s Sky.” It is also used in a number of refinement processes to get more out of single units’ worth of other elements.

Despite being a common crafting material, Faecium is oddly difficult to come across. If players don’t know where to look, they may find themselves scouring several galaxies before they can find a decent source to harvest from.

Here’s an overview of how and where to get Faecium, as well as some of the useful things it can be used in.

Paradise Worlds

Due to the randomness of “No Man’s Sky’s” planet generation, players may come across Paradise Worlds that have Faecium-bearing flora. Be sure to analyze every plant upon landing on a new world to see if they drop Faecium as their secondary resource.

Also, players may stumble upon large Faecium deposits buried underneath the ground. Use the Analysis Visor to scan for any possible mineral deposits.

Some terrestrial plants may have Faecium as their primary or secondary resource - No Man's Sky
Some terrestrial plants may have Faecium as their primary or secondary resource No Man's Sky

Feeding Animals

Giving Creature Pellets to any animal on a planet will sometimes cause them to excrete Faecium. However, this can be a little tedious since simply feeding random animals won’t always result in any useful drops. Additionally, the Carbon cost for Creature Pellets is better off used for the next acquisition method.


Faecium can be acquired by mixing a few ingredients in a medium or large refinery. Here are a few useful recipes for a more efficient gathering:

  • Mordite (x3)
  • Di-hydrogen + Carbon
  • Nitrogen + Sulphurine
  • Mordite + Carbon
  • Mordite + Condensed Carbon

On top of that, a single unit of Faecium can be multiplied by three when combined with one unit of Oxygen.


Gutrot Flowers can be planted to create a self-sustaining source of Faecium. Seeds for these flowers can be purchased from a hired Farmer NPC or from the Space Anomaly’s Construction Research station in exchange for Salvaged Data.

Farms can be built on any planetary surface (ideally on non-hostile environments) or on freighters that have Cultivation Chambers built on them. Faecium can be harvested in batches of 25 every four hours.