• Living Frigates can be found by using the Dream Aerial and Anomaly Detectors
  • Each frigate will cost at least 200 million Units
  • An S-class frigate can be claimed by finishing the Leviathan expedition

The “Endurance” update for “No Man’s Sky” added Living Frigates on top of the slew of major freighter overhauls.

These organic behemoths are much larger than their living starship counterparts, and they fulfill the same role that the other frigates do. Living Frigates can be sent on expeditions to earn credits and materials for the benefit of the entire fleet.

The first step of finding a Living Frigate involves a fair bit of luck, but ultimately, adopting one into the fleet takes much less time and effort than smaller living ships.

How to find a Living Frigate

Living Frigates can be found floating about in deep space. This makes them nearly impossible to find without the use of special items.

The first item players can use to detect them is the Dream Aerial, which can be obtained as a rare reward from any frigate expedition. The exact drop chances aren’t entirely clear just yet, but one should eventually pop up after executing enough missions.

Dream Aerials can be obtained randomly from fleet expeditions - No Man's Sky
Dream Aerials can be obtained randomly from fleet expeditions No Man's Sky

Dream Aerials are craftable items. They are made with Living Glass and a Solar Mirror, so be sure to unlock those from the terminal in the Space Anomaly beforehand.

Once the item is crafted, hop onto a starship and follow the Aerial’s coordinates. Players will eventually spot the Living Frigate drifting in space. Speak to it and adopt it as a part of the fleet.

The dialogue choices in the conversation will dictate what specializations the Living Frigate will have. Combat-related lines, for example, will give the frigate higher combat stats.

Alternatively, finish the Leviathan expedition to earn a free S-class Living Frigate.

How to get more Living Frigates

Once the first Living Frigate has been acquired, players will have to use Anomaly Detectors to find more of them. These items can rarely be found by destroying asteroids.

Once a detector has been obtained, pulse through space until the Whalesong anomaly message pops up. This should lead players towards another Living Frigate. Keep in mind that recruiting even a C-class frigate will cost around 200 million Units.

Anomaly Detectors are very rare, so grab a mining laser and dedicate at least a few minutes to just farming asteroid belts near planets.