The adoption of AMOLED into the iPad 3 is now unlikely, as the display provider and the tablet producer have turned their once friendly relationship to heated pending court cases.

The rumor of Apple's adoption of Samsung's AMOLED (active-matrix organic light emitting diode) displays for the iPad 3 was dismissed by industry sources, reported Digitimes.

AMOLED technology is considered superior to LCD (liquid crystal display) technology, offering brighter screens, deeper colors, less sunlight reflection and reduced power consumption.

Earlier today, Digitimes noted that Apple has begun certifying components for iPad 3, and many Taiwan-based makers are actively participating. Some component makers for backlight modules and light bars have received certification from Apple, while the certification of panels is in progress. According to component makers, iPad 3 will debut in 2012.

While market rumors point to the adoption of AMOLED panels in iPad 3, industry sources dismissed the rumor and projected iPad 3 to continue with 9.7-inch LCD panels, as the production of AMOLED panels may not catch up with the scheduled release of iPad 3.

South-Korea based Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) dominates the AMOLED market, which adds up to the unlikelihood of iPad 3 with AMOLED panels, since Apple usually prefers multiple suppliers.

Apple's shift to AMOLED would trouble LG Display, one of Apple's main suppliers for LCDs and Samsung's main rivals. LG Display supplies Apple with the iPad displays.

The Korea Herald reported on May 25 that Apple Inc. COO and acting CEO Tim Cook discussing with Samsung for the implementation of AMOLED technology for tablet PCs in his recent trip to South Korea, an anonymous source told the newspaper. A Samsung Mobile display spokesperson denied that any discussion had taken place, while Apple remained silent about the meeting.

Apple and Samsung has a long and entangled relationship. Their friendship goes back to 1999, when Apple took $100 million investment in Samsung to expand Samsung's flat-panel display production capacity. Apple considers itself Samsung's largest customer, and Samsung as a valued component supplier to Apple. On April 15, Apple filed a patent protection lawsuit against Samsung for crossing the line for copying the design of iPad and iPhone with Samsung's smartphones and tablets.

As Apple received permission to see prototypes for upcoming Samsung phones and tablets, now Samsung demanded Apple to turn over prototypes for its future products like iPhone 5 and the iPad 3.

In addition to the bitter court dispute, the failure to secure AMOLED panels may cause Apple to lag behind in the platform competition against Facebook, Google and Amazon. Furthermore, Samsung is deep in with Google over production of Android-powered Galaxy mobile devices, adding more dramas to the mobile world.

The future of Apple and Samsung's entangled relationship is yet to be seen, but a long fight is expected. With the iPad 3 predicted to debut in 2012, the two firms' relationship may determine whether Apple's iPad 3 will be clothed with Samsung's super AMOLED.