Unbeknownst to many, Nokia developed a smartwatch that was intended to complement its Lumia smartphones. However, around the same time that the Finnish company’s mobile division was bought by Microsoft, the project was delayed for some time until it was officially scrapped. This week, however, the wearable that didn’t see the light of the day has now surfaced in the flesh thanks to a leaked hands-on video.

On Friday, YouTube channel 诺记吧 nokibar uploaded an exclusive hands-on video of Nokia Moonraker Lumia smartwatch. The owner of the channel also spread the word about the video on Twitter via the @baidunokibar account. The video lasts for a little more than three minutes, and it showcases the UI and the different features of the canned smartwatch.

NokiaPowerUser describes the UI of the Moonraker as Swipe-navigation based. The tech site that focuses on Nokia and Windows Phone news, reviews and leaks also praised the device for its beautiful design. Furthermore, the site noted that the Nokia smartwatch was designed to track steps, notify users whenever they missed calls and received messages and even Facebook notifications.

Though this is the first time that a real and functioning Moonraker is spotted, this isn’t the first time for the tech community to see the UI of the device. PhoneArena reports that several pictures of the smartwatch have emerged in the past, including a GIF of its UI that leaked back in June. At the time, a GIF showcasing a 3D Gesture Test app for McLaren also landed on the internet.

Meanwhile, the hands-on video focused mainly on how the user can access the different features of the smartwatch by scrolling up and down. Scrolling down from the Home screen will show Missed Calls, Facebook, Email and Messages. On the other hand, scrolling up will display My phone, Step counter and Music. It is also noticeable that in its locked state, its display stays on but adjusts the settings to show the time and date against the pitch black background that seamlessly blends with the bezel.

Pressing its lock button for a few seconds will show a list of options a user can choose from. The list includes the options to switch off the smartwatch and restore its factory settings. The hands-on video also shows that users can unlock the device just by double-tapping its display. Check out the entire video below and tell us what you think of the Nokia Moonraker.