Best Tablets Under $299 To Debut in 2012
Amazon's New Kindle Fire, Google Nexus Tablet, Apple's iPad Mini -- Innovation has become the word for the leading brands accompanied with thought towards realizing the consumer's value for the dollar. Let's take a look at the top three tablets which are expected to hit the market in the near future with promising features and shake the market of the high-end pricey tablets. Amazon Kindle Fire

Barnes & Noble is ready to debut a new 8GB Nook Tablet Feb. 22, and it could even come out at a lower price, but will it be enough to blow away the Amazon Kindle Fire? Kindle Fire is $50 less than the Nook Tablet, and it has more internal storage, but that's about to change when Walmart begins selling the eight gigabyte Nook Tablet Feb. 22, tech blog The Verge reported. Both are seven-inch tablet computers, but they aren't as full-featured as many other tablets out there because they are e-reader/tablet hybrids.

That's because they are built to take advantage of the vast online stores catered by Barnes & Noble and Amazon, with Barnes & Noble having a larger book selection, and Amazon offering more movies and other content. They have many similarities, and the Nook has received many excellent online reviews, but the Kindle Fire has been much more successful to date. That could be a marketing issue, but it's also likely related to the $200 price tag on Kindle Fire. That number seems to be the magic number for tablets not named iPad because when the BlackBerry PlayBook went down to $200, many more were sold.

Kindle Fire, in fact, is the best-selling Android tablet yet, so if Nook Tablet can steal even a little of Amazon's, well, fire, then it would be a boon to Barnes & Noble. Nook Tablet has plenty of storage for purchases made from B&N, but only 1000MB or so for any other content. That's about to change, so the Nook will now have more storage than Kindle Fire's six gigabytes. Furthermore, there's an expandable memory card slot on the Nook, another feature the Kindle Fire lacks. With the microSD card reader, there's up to 32 gigabytes more storage available on the Nook. Tell us in the comments if the extra storage is enough for you to consider the Nook Tablet over the Kindle Fire.