With Mark Zuckerburg admitting that he was kind of nervous in his opening remarks while hosting Barack Obama at the Facebook headquarters, the young entrepreneur and the President sought comfort in a trivial yet hilarious chat about clothes.Obama managed to break the ice and get the ball rolling with an anecdote on Zuckerburg's wardrobe.

I'm the guy who got Mark to wear a jacket and tie, Obama said recalling a February 2006 dinner during which he met Zuckerburg, 26, among others tech biggies.

Halfway through dinner, he's starting to sweat a bit. It's really uncomfortable for him. I helped him out of his jacket. In fact, if you want Mark, we can take our jackets off.

Breaking the ice and turning the stage into a cozy grounds for an hour-long conversation, Obama took off his coat. Zuckerburg followed the President, who always adds a casual touch to less formal speeches with the move.

Yeah, you're a lot better at this than me, Zuckerberg said, after he had admitted during his opening remarks, Sorry, I'm kind of nervous.

Although the founder of the most popular social networking site did don a dress shirt and black tie for the event, he did add his own personal and signature touch to it by sticking to sneakers.

In January 2011, Esquire magazine named Zuckerburg one of the worst dressed men of the year.

We've already discussed the Facebook muppet's sartorial choices at some length. Hell, we even suggested him as a stylish Halloween costume. But just to reiterate: no matter how much money you have or how many people's secrets you hold in your digital palm, you cannot show up to a black-tie event in a t-shirt and jeans and expect to be taken seriously, the magazine commented on the Facebook CEO, weeks after he was named the person of the year by TIME magazine.

Zuckerburg is almost always spotted with a T-shirt, accompanied with jeans. The colors of his wardrobe are generally limited to the black, grey and white. He is also often spotted wearing a pair of laid-back black and white sandals. The tech-industry elite rarely changes anything in his dressing even for black tie events.

Prescribing The Suggestion, Esquire had said, You just gave a hundred million to Newark's schools. Would it kill you to throw a couple thousand to, say, Zegna for a couple of nice suits? Even Bill Gates wears a sport coat, for chrissakes.

After managing to calm Zuckerburg's nerves with a chat on clothes, the President discussed everything from healthcare, federal deficit, education, outsourcing to immigration.

Barack Obama, who held a town hall event at Facebook's offices on Wednesday, aimed at rejuvenating his appeal to the youth as well as grab a hold of the might Silicon Valley ahead of the 2012 polls.

Democrats acknowledge that Obama will need to rally many of the same forces that propelled him into the White House in order to win re-election in 2012: an army of young, energetic voters as well as a sizable showing from independent voters, Reuters noted, adding that by visiting Facebook HQ, Obama sought to connect to tens of millions of people who have adopted social media as a prime method of communications.

The talk also ended with jokes on Zuckerburg's dressing. After Facebook handed over a sweatshirt with the website's logo stamped on the front as a gift to Obama, Zuckerburg remarked, In case, for some reason, you want to dress like me.