amazon uk leaks price of oculus touch controllers
Amazon UK just leaked the price of the Oculus Touch controllers, and they’re pretty expensive. Amazon suggests that the Oculus Touch controllers will cost £190  and they will ship in the UK on November 23. Amazon UK

Amazon U.K. just leaked the price of the long-awaited Touch controllers for the Oculus Rift virtual reality system, and they’re pretty expensive. According to Amazon screenshots, the Touch controllers will cost £190 and they will ship in the U.K. on November 23.

The Oculus Connect developer conference begins today, and the company is expected to announce official pricing and availability for the Touch controllers.

The price in the United States will most likely be anywhere between $200 and $250, based on the Amazon leak. When you add the the Rift’s price of $600, it puts the system in the same price range as the $800 HTC Vive, which includes motion controllers in its pricing.

The high price may put further pressure on Facebook-owned Oculus, which faces competition not just from HTC but from Sony, which will launch its PlayStation VR next week. That well-reviewed system will be available in a $500 bundle that includes the headset and other necessary peripherals, including two PlayStation Move motion controllers.

Oculus Connect will start at 1 p.m, ET on October 6, and you can watch the live-stream for it on Twitch channels and on Oculus’ YouTube channel. The company may also host a virtual reality stream of the event through the NextVR app.