Odor-Eaters, the footcare product owned by Illinois-based Blistex Inc., has issued a recall for its Odor-Eaters antifungal and foot odor-reducing sprays because they may pose a life-threatening cancer risk.

The recall affects 41 lots of two Odor-Eaters spray products that have the presence of benzene – a human carcinogen.

Benzene exposure through inhalation, oral consumption, or through skin contact can result in cancers such as leukemia and blood cancer of the bone marrow and blood disorders that can be life-threatening, the recall notice said.

The benzene contamination in the recalled Odor-Eaters products was found in low levels during internal testing. The company said it has not received any reports of adverse events related to the recall.

The affected Odor-Eaters sprays are packaged in aerosol cans.

Included in the recall are Odor-Eaters Spray Powder and Odor-Eaters Stink Stoppers Spray, which were sold nationwide at various retailers and distributors.

A complete list of affected UPC numbers, lot numbers, and expiration dates can be found here, as well as product images. Consumers can request a refund for the recalled foot spray by visiting www.odoreatersrecall2021.com. Questions about the recall can be directed to 1-855-544-4821, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Those who experience problems related to the spray products should contact their healthcare provider, Odor-Eaters said.

Representation image: feet Representation image: feet Photo: Photo by Jan Romero on Unsplash