• "One Piece" Chapter 1002 is set to arrive on Sunday
  • The incoming chapter is titled Yonko vs. Supernovas
  • Oda places support characters in the spotlight

"One Piece" continues to amaze fans not only because of its protagonist, but also due to its amazing list of support characters. In the upcoming chapter of the manga, Oda puts them in the spotlight, making the battle on the roof of the Skull Dome more exciting.

"One Piece" raw scans recently shared on the manga's subreddit by gyrozepp95 suggest the Emperors of the Sea are having a hard time winning the battle because of Luffy and other Supernovas. In the first part of the chapter, Kaido lets out his powerful Kaifuu toward the Supernovas but even when hit, it does not damage Kidd since his robot is made of metals. Zoro uses his sword to block the attack and Luffy jumps to avoid it.

In another battle scene, Kidd grabs Kaido by the neck and uses a new attack, called Slam Gibson, slamming the Beast Pirates' captain to the ground. Trafalgar D. Law then uses his Gamma Knife to extract Kaido's heart. Meanwhile, Killer hits Kaido with Kamaa Sonic, where the blades grow big and cut through the emperor's internals.

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Kaido lets out another Bolo Breath but Zoro uses Kinemon's Kitsunebiryuu: Homurasaki and cuts the attack. Zoro's assault does not end there, however, he prepares his Ittouryuu and Hiruu Kaen, the attack he used against Ryuma at the Thriller Bark. Unfortunately, Zoro misses Kaido and instead cuts one of Onigashima's horns.

The Red Scabbards are powerful samurais but their collective power is not strong enough to take down the commander of the Beasts Pirates. It is not yet known if the Supernovas can defeat the two Emperors of the Sea, for all we know, these Yonkos are still holding back and are not utilizing their full powers but merely letting the brats go all out to know their fight styles.

If the latest raw scans for "One Piece" Chapter 1002 are accurate, fans are going to see another exciting manga installment when it releases this Sunday. Fortunately, there is no break after that, which means, the next chapter will arrive on Feb. 7.