• "One Piece"Chapter 1011 will not release this weekend
  • The manga is currently on a break
  • Chapter 1011 is scheduled to arrive on April 25

"One Piece" Chapter 1011 is still a few days away since the manga is currently on a week-long break. The previous manga installment hyped the series by showing an intense fight at the roof of the Skull Dome, but it still left a lot of questions unanswered like the real identity of the mysterious woman who healed the Red Scabbards.

The focus on the real identity of the mysterious character was slightly diverted when Oda introduced the fake Oden in the previous chapters of "One Piece." And while it turned out that the fake Oden was just Kanjuro's doing, fans now wonder what happened to the mysterious woman last seen tending to Kinemon's wound.

Until Oda unmasks the mysterious woman's identity, fans would be left speculating on her role in the war and why she is in Onigashima. There are a lot of unanswered questions – what is her connection with Oden's vassals, whether she is helping them or is she an ally to the Pirates-Minks-Ninja-Samurai alliance, is the woman working for Kaidou?

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Roronoa Zoro received lethal blows from Kaidou and after giving all he had got, the Pirate Hunter could no longer fight. Fans think the mysterious woman may have healing abilities, given what happened to the scabbards. If the mysterious woman could heal Zoro, then the Straw Hats'swordsman could still help his captain fight Kaidou's Calamities.

In the previous "One Piece" chapter, the Red Scabbards, described as half-deads, surprisingly stood up. In fact, the manga showed how Ashura fought the fake Oden and the other scabbards, including Kinemon, fought against Orochi, cutting all his eight heads at once.

Fans believe that there is no way the Red Scabbards could pull those feats after receiving lethal blows from Kaidou. "One Piece" ended last week with Luffy instructing Law and Zoro to leave him, assuring them that he would finish off Kaidou irrespective of what happens. The continuation of the action on the roof of the Skull Dome might not yet happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1011.

It is likely that fans would see updates on various locations in the castle and in Onigashima. "One Piece" Chapter 1011 could show what happens to Yamato, Shinubo and Momonosuke. It could also reveal the status of the fight between Nami, Ussop, Tama and others. Chapter 1011 might show the happenings at the Live Stage where Queen the Plage and King the Conflagration are currently fighting.

The upcoming "One Piece" chapter might give updates on the Raizou and Fukurokuju fight, Nico Robin vs. Black Maria battle and Perospero vs. Marco battle. Fans would also like to see Jack the Conflagration and want to know more about Sanji, Jinbei and Franky.

"One Piece"Chapter 1011 is scheduled to arrive on April 25.