• "One Piece" Chapter 1010 arrives on April 11
  • The upcoming chapter is titled "Color of the Supreme King"
  • The detailed summary of "One Piece" Chapter 1010 has been leaked

"One Piece" Chapter 1010 leaked summary teased about the legendary fight between two Yonkos, Zoro's Haoshuro Haki, an imminent Kidd, and Killer vs. Big Mom and homes battle and the action on top of the Skull Dome, in general. 

The detailed summary of "One Piece" Chapter 1010, which is titled "Color of the Supreme King," is now available online, thanks to Redon and gyrozzep95. The chapter starts with Zoro cutting Prometheus into countless pieces so it could not help Big Mom. Seeing this and knowing that he should help his ally, Kaidou attacks Zoro but Law warps the Pirate Hunter out of the way. 

Zoro appears in front of the King of the Beasts and launches his Injection Shot, hitting the Yonko on his neck and making him cough blood. Kaidou turns his attention to Law and uses his kanabou. The Heart Pirates' captain launches a new attack called Curtain to protect himself from the attack but to no avail. 

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While they are busy fighting, Napoleon and Prometheus find an opportunity to get away and save Big Mom. Law's resolve is to just let the homes go since he'd rather see them escape than see someone dead because of his plan. Kid appears to agree with him and says that their goal is just to separate the Yonkos and what has happened is more than that. 

Kid and Killer then run toward Big Mom's direction, saying they will bring the fight there. At Big Mom's location, the homes receive praises from the Yonko after complaining about how useless Zeus is. On their way to Big Mom, Kid notices that something weird is happening with the clouds. 

On the rooftop of the Skull Dome, Kaido mocks an unconscious Luffy, saying how it is like their last fight. Luffy appears to be staring at him even after passing out and Kaidou wonders which part of Luffy's body should he crush first. Zoro sees this and tells Kaidou that if he wants to crush his captain, he should destroy him first.

The Pirate Hunter then tells Law that his next attack would be his last and if it doesn't work out, he is leaving everything to him. After that, Roronoa draws his swords and lets out his Kiki Kyuutouryuu: Ashura (Ghastly Nine Sword Style: Asura) Bakkei Mouja no Tawamure (Drawing Sword, Playing with the Dead) attack. He hits the Yonko and blood starts gushing out of his body.

A confused Kaidou asks Zoro if he has the color of the supreme king too, but the Pirate Hunter has no idea what he is talking about. Zoro falls to the ground, seemingly regretting that although he gave his all to that attack, he wasn't able to bring the Yonko down. However, Kaidou seemingly acknowledges his effort and assures him that he has done more than enough and that his attack is going to leave a scar.

Law attacks Kaidou when the Yonko decides to finish off Zoro but his Ramei Hakke is too powerful that it blows away Law. Kaidou says that if only the Supernova came to him, they could have taken the world together. However, Luffy disagrees and tells him that they all love samurai and would never want to go with the Yonko.

The Straw Hats captain is now back in the fight and admits that his attacks are too shallow. However, he tells Kaidou that after getting hit by his kanabou, he now understands that the Color of the Supreme King could be used not only as a weapon but also as a shield. Kaidou agrees but laughs at Luffy because only a few people know how to do it.

He attacks Luffy but the young pirate just blocks the kanabou with his feet without even touching it. Black thunder comes out from Luffy's feet while he jumps at the Yonko with black lighting his fist. He lands blows on the stomach and chin of the King of Beasts but he is not touching him. Then, Kaidou falls.

The legendary battle between Kaido, the emperor of the sea and Luffy, the fifth emperor of the sea, is just starting. Law describes the action in the same way that Oden described the clash between Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard. Luffy thanks Zoro and Law for protecting him. 

He orders them to go downstairs and tell the others that he will beat Kaidou. "No matter what happens, I will win," the Straw Hats captain assures them.