Popularly known as the "Toxic Tush" practitioner, the fake doctor Oneal Ron Morris who allegedly injected chemicals like bathroom caulk, cement, fix-a-flat, super glue and mineral oil into patients claiming it was silicone in order to enhance their butt, was charged with manslaughter on Thursday and convicted for the death of one of her patients: 31-year-old Shatarka Nuby.

Shatarka Nuby, who had gone to Oneal Ron Morris to get an enhanced back side, started falling sick and developing complications soon after her operation. Nuby's sister, Shira Thompson, said that she was certain that Nuby's death was caused by the substances Morris injected into Nuby. She told Southflorida.com that Nuby's family had been waiting for Morris to get convicted.

Oneal Rom Morris was a transgender woman who claimed that she worked for a plastic surgeon and knew how to perform procedures like butt injections, according to a report in WPTV.com. Her patients said that while the other plastic surgeons would charge up to $5000, Morris administered these injections for $1000 to $1500.

Last year, Morris's actions came into the spot light when a 41-year-old woman, Lournise Linton from Tampa, made complaints that led to Morris' initial arrest. Linton said to WPTV.com that after she lost her job as a mortgage broker she was working as a dancer at a strip club. To boost her business, she wanted an enhanced butt and so she went to Morris who was willing to do it at a cost of $1,500 while the others had quoted a $5,000 fee. She recounted that Morris chose to perform the surgery in her house and claimed that the substance, that she had stored in a Pedialyte bottle was 100% silicone.

The woman said she stared having symptoms of pneumonia and her butt started getting "rock hard." When she went back to Morris, she just advised her to use a butt massager. CBS News reported that one of Morris' victims couldn't remove the cotton ball placed over the injection wound as Morris had actually used super glue to seal the wound after surgery.  

CBS News also reported that Morris turned herself in on March 12 in order to face the charges of practicing medicine without being a licensed doctor.  Currently, Morris has a decade long arrest record with charges including manslaughter, having false identification documents like fake drivers licenses, bad checks and thefts in Broward, Palm beach and Miami as reported in CBS News.

Police also said that Morris was not the only one but there was a whole network of people who prey on victims seeking to improve their appearance but cannot afford cosmetic surgery. These "pumping parties" operate through word of mouth and have a pay per treatment system.