A OnePlus One handset shows the company's motto: "Never Settle." The successor OnePlus 2 will be released Wednesday. OnePlus

The OnePlus 2, one of the most anticipated flagship phones of 2015, has been unveiled. Like the OnePlus One flagship from 2014, the OnePlus 2 is now available for purchase through an invite system.

In 2014, it was not easy to get an OnePlus handset as the company made few of them. Moreover, it was all the more difficult to acquire an invitation to purchase. For the OnePlus 2 flagship again, the company has adopted the invite-system to sell it across the globe, but it aims to attract customers with a painless invite process.

According to the official forum post published by Raggy, a OnePlus employee, in the first month the company will give preference to its loyal customers. It says all those people who have helped the company grow, such as early members of the OnePlus forums, early buyers and phone smashers, will be the first to receive the OnePlus 2 invitations.

For other customers, OnePlus will be offering different ways to get the OnePlus 2 flagship such as contests and promotions. The company promises that it will be providing the invitations quickly. Hence, the OnePlus fans must constantly check the forums, social media and newsletters for announcements.

The company has launched a dedicated Web page for a reservation list of invites. Users are required to submit their email address and wait for the company to send the invite. All those on the reservation list will eventually be provided with an invite, OnePlus says.

OnePlus will be examining the status of its production and inventory to send more of invites on daily basis. Once a user receives an invite, it will remain valid till 24 hours.

Users can also share the invite to others within one to two weeks. At first, users will be able to share few invites. However, as the production of the handset grows, the company will allow users to share number of invites. The company says it may take around three weeks for a person with an invite to receive the OnePlus 2 handset.