• OnePlus' CEO Pete Lau said its upcoming phones will feature 120Hz display refresh rate
  • The OLED displays were made in partnership with Samsung
  • OnePlus isn't the first company to plan to release a handset with such a display

OnePlus proudly claims that its upcoming major phones will feature upgraded screens that will be considered the “best smartphone display in 2020.”

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau, speaking with The Verge during CES last week, said that the company's upcoming flagships – likely the OnePlus 8 – will feature displays with a very high 120Hz refresh rate. The Chinese company said it worked with Korean tech giant Samsung to develop the new OLED screen.

The company also said it plans to include a custom MEMC (motion estimation/motion compensation) chip in the upcoming handsets. This MEMC chip will sit inside the device, near the top-left portion when facing the handset.

This chip will add a few extra frames to videos so they can reach 120Hz. This feature, The Verge noted, could be called motion smoothing for smartphone videos. It's unclear as to how this will work and what kind of impact it will have when recording or watching videos, but if ever users find it unnecessary, OnePlus will allow users to turn MEMC on or off in the device's settings menu.

Furthermore, Lau claimed that the upcoming device's display will feature a touch sampling rate of 240Hz (which means less faulty touch responses and gestures), will be able to hit 1,000 nits peak brightness for HDR content, and will support 10-bit color. Apparently, OnePlus wants to take the lead when it comes to smartphone display technology.

Sadly, OnePlus isn't the first company to target releasing a handset featuring a display with 120 Hz refresh rate. Gaming phones like the ASUS ROG Phone 2 feature displays with 120Hz refresh rate, among other interesting specs and features.

Samsung, the company OnePlus worked with for the display, is also tipped to release several handsets in the Galaxy S11 (S20) lineup, all of which feature 120Hz refresh rates. That said, it remains to be seen whether Samsung will indeed equip its upcoming handsets with this feature.

So far, OnePlus's upcoming smartphones haven't been announced yet. The Verge noted that the company has promised to hold an event in China to unveil its new display tech. The International Business Times will report about it when information becomes available.

800px-Oneplus_6T OnePlus smartphone Photo: Rohit Thakur/Wikimedia Creative Commons