Oral Roberts' gay grandson is speaking out, launching a gay agenda tour across the Bible Belt -- making stops with his The Gay Agenda performance art piece in places like Jackson, Mississippi, Omaha, Nebraska and Birmingham, Alabama.

Randy Roberts Potts, whose grandfather was famous televangelist Oral Roberts, peforms The Gay Agenda with his fiance, a man. Potts, 37, was married to a woman at the age of 20 but later divorced and announced to family he is gay. Potts hopes his traveling agenda performances will reveal to audiences that gay couples live similarly to heterosexual couples. Simply, it's an attempt at demystification.

It's a visual that people haven't ever really seen in conservative towns, Potts told Details magazine, in an interview. A lot of people immediately jump to images of sex or a pride parade. Well, here's another visual. This is what gay couples look like when we're together as a couple in love. There's really nothing to watch, and I want to leave people with that impression. Psychologically, visual images like that go a lot deeper.

Potts, who lives in Dallas, talked with CNN about The Gay Agenda, and addressed his grandfather, who was outspoken against homosexuality as a conservative televangelist. Oral Roberts' oldest son came out as gay in the 1980s and committed suicide after divorcing his wife.

I think (Oral Roberts) was convinced that homosexuality killed his son, Potts told Details. Some evangelicals see it as a spirit or a demon of homosexuality that invades you, that it's an almost personified thing that will completely strangle and kill you. Not even so much as a choice, but something you give in to, something that can afflict anybody.

See the CNN interview with Randy Roberts Potts below: