The Order 1886
A gameplay still from the forthcoming PlayStation 4 title "The Order: 1886" Ready at Dawn Studios

It will take more than five hours to beat “The Order: 1886,” a gamer claiming to be a Sony employee said via a PSN forum post on Thursday. The post was meant to dispel rumors that the gamer, who goes by the online handle wMikkel, beat the highly anticipated title in just four hours and 58 minutes. "The Order: 1886" is due out Feb. 20 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

“Usually at the PlayStation office, we get promotional copies prior to release. These are also the ones that are send [sic] out to the media,” wMikkel said, explaining how he obtained an early copy of the game and addressing concerns that he completed it in less than five hours, a relatively short time for a title that is priced at $60.

On Wednesday, wMikkel's gameplay was noticed on the PlayStation Network by a Twitter user, who mistakenly believed the Sony staffer had defeated "The Order: 1886" in less than five hours.

But wMikkel, who chose not to provide his real name, explained the situation on the PSNProfiles forum, assuring potential buyers that it takes more than a few hours to complete the game.

“I didn’t get my first trophy at the start of the game, but I can’t say yet how long it took me. But not 5 hours,” he said. He also admitted he played the game “a lot” before earning his first trophy. And a user on the NeoGAF gaming forum said it took him more than 10 hours to completely play through “The Order: 1886.”

The game is set in an alternate history where an ancient order of knights is responsible for keeping the world safe from half-human, half-animal monsters. Set in the 19th century, the story focuses on the war between King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table and the creatures. A newly discovered supernatural substance called black water allows the knights to heal themselves and extend their lives.