Orlando Shaw, 33, of Nashville is being sued for child support for his 22 children by 14 different women. NewsChannel5

Orlando Shaw, a self-professed “ladies man” who admits to fathering nearly two-dozen children, is being sued for unpaid child support.

The 33-year-old Nashville man has 22 kids by 14 different women. Through Child Support Services, the mothers have taken Shaw to court seeking thousands in child support. It’s estimated that the state pays more than $7,000 each month to support all of Shaw’s children, Fox 8 reports.

His children’s ages range from infant twins to an 18-year-old. Shaw says he doesn’t pay for the children, but he wanted them all.

“I wanted 50 kids,” Shaw told NewsChannel5. Now, Shaw says 22 children is enough. “Don’t want no more kids. I want to be fixed,” he said about wanting a vasectomy to prevent him from fathering more children.

Magistrate Scott Rosenberg said Shaw would need to take three or four full-time jobs to support the children he owes. Shaw’s criminal past may prevent him from getting a job. “I can’t pay no child support right now,” Shaw said.

He will most likely go to trial. He could face jail time, and the court is working to have Shaw reconnect with his kids even if he can’t help financially.

“I love my kids and care less what anybody think about it,” Shaw said about the media attention surrounding his case.

One of Nashville’s most expensive deadbeat dads said he credits his age and ambition to his brood. “I was just young and ambitious, and I loved women,” Shaw said. “The ladies love me. They don’t like me.”