• A patch addressing internet connectivity issues will be released next week
  • Players who experienced the inventory wipe bug will receive compensation 
  • The Accolade wipe issue may need more time before a resolution is reached

The first patch for “Outriders” is set to be released next week, and it’s expected to fix a number of bugs and issues that the game is currently experiencing. Two of the biggest issues with the game right now are slated to be fixed once the update goes live.

The “Outriders” server run by Square Enix failed to accommodate the large wave of players that flooded the game on release day, but it has since improved over the course of a few days. Less players have experienced disconnections while playing solo, but the connectivity between multiple players in coop sessions still proved to be problematic.

Next week’s patch aims to resolve this issue as People Can Fly continues to improve the game’s stability. Several fixes have been implemented in the past according to the developers, but they will continue to keep an eye on the status of internet connectivity.

The Trickster - Outriders The Trickster - Outriders Photo: People Can Fly

Keeping in-line with the multiplayer issues, the developers have also addressed the notorious bug that would wipe players’ inventories and Accolades clean. The bug should see a greatly reduced rate of happening once the patch is released, PCF said, but the developer also implied that the bug still has a chance of deleting every item in a player’s inventory.

People Can Fly plans to run a one-time mass inventory restoration for those who were affected by the bug. This restoration will happen only during one specific day, but the devs plan to support individual players on an ad-hoc basis in the future.

Players who lost their inventories can expect to regain at least the epic and legendary tier items that were wiped because of the bug. However, PCF warns that the restored items may not have the same stats as they did before they disappeared.

The Accolade wipe issues will take more time to resolve, as the issue is far more complex than inventory management.

On top of these fixes, PCF will also be giving out a “Community Appreciation Package” to all players who have played during the game’s launch window (March 31 – April 11 UTC) regardless of whether or not they have experienced an inventory wipe. The package will include one level-appropriate legendary item, a level-appropriate amount of Titanium and the “Frustration” character emote.