• "Outriders" has a wide array of weapon mods to choose from
  • Lightning Whip/Claymore are great for single-target damage 
  • Perpetuum Mobile/Clip Roller are great ammo management mods

The weapon mod system in “Outriders” serves as one of the main sources of build diversity in the game. Many of the game’s weapon mods synergize very well with class abilities, but a decent chunk of these mods also work great without any sort of dependency.

From high-damage mods that shoot lightning down from the sky to ones that grant unlimited ammo, there’s a mod for any class and almost any situation, but players must choose wisely since only one mod may be swapped out per weapon.

Here are the best weapon mods to look out for in “Outriders.”

Claymore/Lightning Whip

These two weapon mods fulfill the same role — deal big bursts of damage to single targets. Claymore creates an Anomaly Sword that drops down unto enemies hit with the modded gun’s bullets, while Lightning Whip calls down a bolt of lightning to strike targets.

The legendary Golem's Limb shotgun in Outriders The legendary Golem's Limb shotgun in Outriders. Photo: Outriders

The main differences between these two are their damange values and cooldown rates. Claymore deals more damage but recharges more slowly, while Lightning Whip deals less damage but recharges twice as fast.

Lightning Whip technically deals more damage per second, making it ideal for automatic weapons. Meanwhile, Claymore is more suited for hard-hitters like shotguns and sniper rifles to maximize their one-shot potential.

Bone Shrapnel/Minefield

These are the area-of-effect counterparts of the previous mods. Bone Shrapnel causes enemies to explode and deal damage in an area around them. Meanwhile, Minefield spawns explosive mines that detonate whenever enemies come near them.

Minefield is better against the mutated creatures of Enoch while Bone Shrapnel is better against humanoid enemies. The majority of the mutant creatures are melee only and they tend to bunch up. Multiple mines can deal more instances of damage, which is especially useful against the bigger enemies.

Bone Shrapnel has a larger radius than individual mines, making it ideal against humanoid enemies who keep relatively close to each other.

Perpetuum Mobile/Clip Roller

These mods are great for LMGs, sniper rifles and shotguns since they can eliminate the need to manually reload if played properly.

Perpetuum Mobile instantly refreshes a magazine if players are able to kill an enemy while their current magazine only has 35% ammo or less. This also synergizes well with the bullet-modifying abilities inherent to all classes like Volcanic Rounds.

Clip Roller reloads all equipped weapons when the player dodges while their current weapon has less than 50% ammo remaining. This is great for close-ranged fighting with SMGs or shotguns.