• The Statue set increases weapon damage while Golem or Tremor is active
  • The build is great at killing elites but weak against large hordes
  • Bring weapons for both single-target and AoE scenarios

“Outriders’” Firepower builds on the Devastator may seem weak due to the class’ lack of an anomaly bullet skill, but there are more than enough mods and passive effects that can do all of the work by themselves.

The Devastator class does a great job at fulfilling the tank fantasy, especially with their high survivability and damage output. While Firepower builds aren’t as ludicrously powerful as the classic Blood Quake build, they still offer a fun way to play the game. Here’s one such loadout for players who want to try something new in “Outriders: Worldslayer.”

Armor Mods and Skills

This build will use the Statue set as well as the Golem and Tremor skills for the massive boost to weapon damage. The following armor and skill setup will maximize the uptime on both skills while reducing their relatively-long cooldown timers:

  • Bloody Boost
  • Perseverance
  • Power of the Stones
  • Crush Sequence
  • Plate Piercer
  • Bloodlust
  • Tainted Blood
  • Human Fortress
  • Made of Marble
  • Emergency Stance

Players can choose between any of the three Kinetic skills (Endless Mass, Gravity Leap and Boulderdash) for their third slot. Additionally, get as much Firepower and Cooldown Reduction as possible from armor pieces.

Class Trees

Put points into the Vanquisher tree and go all the way to the end while taking Armor Piercing and weapon damage nodes. Make sure to take the following:

  • Champion
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Assault Master
  • Altered Charge

For the Pax tree, go down the Wrecker route and take the Against Devastating Odds node, which will either increase Armor Piercing or make all shots Critical for a short duration based on the number of targets hit by Kinetic skills.

Both Altered Charge and Against Devastating Odds are mandatory for reaching those short windows of massively increased damage after using a Kinetic skill while either Golem or Tremor is active.

Take Overwhelming Force if survivability becomes an issue.


The new Mythos machine gun is highly recommended for this thanks to its innate Omen perk, which launches an Anomaly projectile that causes bleeding while increasing the damage enemies take. Add Dark Sacrifice to this weapon for even more damage. The Messenger or Fatal Symbiont with Embalmer’s Rage are also very good choices.

The Messenger tactical assault rifle from Outriders Worldslayer
The Messenger tactical assault rifle from Outriders Worldslayer Outriders