Blizzard is rolling out a new update for “Overwatch” on all three platforms — PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The update that’s clocking in at 10.61 GB — at least for the PS4 version — brings a lot of changes to the first-person shooter, such as the addition of an elusive hero.

After months of teasing the arrival of the next post-launch character of “Overwatch,” Blizzard has now made Sombra available to everyone. According to Engadget, Sombra is an infiltrator that has the ability to be temporarily invisible. She also has the ability to teleport to a beacon and disable the shields of her enemies using EMP blasts. Equally impressive is her skill in hacking both hell kits and Torbjörn's turrets.

In addition to bringing the highly anticipated Sombra into the character roster, the new update for “Overwatch” also comes with new features, general improvements as well as bug fixes. A significant addition to the game is the Arcade feature that’s been incorporated into the Play menu, as per GameSpot. As the replacement of Weekly Brawls, Arcade widens the selection of modes players can choose from. So aside from Quick Play and Competitive Play, players now have 1v1 Mystery Duel, 3v3 Elimination and 6v6 Mystery Heroes to choose from.

The community manager of “Overwatch’s” online forum on Blizzard’s website, Josh Engen, also shared that a new arena map is added to the game via update 2.00. The map enables players to journey to Ecopoint: Antarctica that features new gaming modes, 3v3 Battle and 1v1 Duel. Storyline-wise, Ecopoint: Antarctica was where Mei-Ling Zhou was previously stationed. The region has severe weather anomalies that led the team to cryogenically freeze themselves to make it through the storm.

The new update also comes with PlayStation 4 Pro support, hero balance changes, a general interface update on the loading screen and fixes for bugs found in Competitive Play, Maps, Heroes and more. Check out the complete details about these changes here.