Panera Bread has a new special offer for those who want to join its coffee subscription plan. The company will help pay customers’ Wi-Fi bills.

Starting on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 10 AM EDT, the first 2,020 people who sign up for the MyPanera+ Coffee Subscription will receive a free month of coffee, a free baked good and a $75 Visa gift card. Panera intends the gift card to cover the cost of a monthly internet bill. The offer ends Sunday, Sept. 13.

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Customers don’t need the coffee subscription to take advantage of Panera’s expanded free Wi-Fi, though. The indoor dining area at Panera has long been equipped with free Internet access, but the chain recently expanded its coverage as social distancing continues. The Wi-Fi now reaches the parking lot and curbside pick-up area.

Panera says the move is all about helping stressed-out parents. “Panera’s free, unlimited, premium coffee can help get you through the day, and the added bonus of Panera’s Wi-Fi enabled parking lots and Curbside pick-up can give you a few minutes to recharge and a quick meal solution,” Eduardo Luz, Chief Brand and Concept Officer for Panera Bread, said in a press release.

Launched in March, the MyPanera+ Coffee Subscription gives consumers access to premium hot drip coffee, iced coffee and hot tea. Subscribers are allowed any size and flavor they’d like once every two hours with unlimited refills for $8.99 a month.

Coffee lovers shouldn’t worry too much about their caffeine habit. A study released in July found that a “moderate” amount of coffee is healthy. Five 8-ounce cups daily can be fine, as long as the drinker doesn’t have any adverse reactions to the caffeine. A medium or "regular" size coffee at Panera has 16 ounces, which is two servings.

MyPanera+ Coffee Subscription comes with a free month of coffee. Panera