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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris attends a ceremony where the singer's shoes and gloves are used to make hand and foot imprints in cement in the courtyard of Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on January 26, 2012. Reuters

Pictures of Paris Jackson, who has not been seen in public since her suicide attempt on June 5, were leaked online on Wednesday, and mom Debbie Rowe is planning to sue the people responsible for it.

Along with the photographs, which were taken at a graduation ceremony a month ago, information regarding Jackson’s day-to-day activities at the Utah boarding school where she is currently lodged was also made available to a certain section of the media.

"These people, including some websites, are screwing with my daughter's ability to get better," Rowe reportedly told friends, according to TMZ.

According to Radar Online, which published the said pictures, Jackson is at a private boarding school in Utah, and goes under the pseudonym Frankie in a bid to avoid being recognized.

Sources told the website that Jackson has made remarkable progress since moving to the facility.

“Paris wanted to come into the school without fanfare, so she decided to change her name, to Frankie,” a source told Radar Online. “She also dyed her hair. Some students still know who she is, but overall, most don’t. She’s just another girl from Los Angeles named Frankie. In many ways, it’s a new life for Paris.”

Jackson’s access to the Internet and social media is limited, and she has regular one-on-one sessions with therapists, which according to sources, are helping her cope with the emotional breakdown brought on by the death of her father, Michael Jackson, in 2009.

“She still misses her dad tremendously. He lit up her life,” the source said. “She hasn’t sailed through this crisis but she is doing much better and with the help of those around her at the school, she’s on the mend. Paris is relieved she survived the suicide attempt. She really did cheat death.”

According to a TMZ report, Jackson has also expressed a desire to mend her relationship with brother Prince, as the duo had been fighting just days before she attempted suicide.