Paul Ceglia, the New York man who claims he owns half of Facebook, has a new lawyer now.

He is Jeffrey Lake of San Diego. Lake, according to his website, runs a four-man law firm called Lake APC. Lake graduated from the California Western School of Law in San Diego and has a background in real estate litigation.

He's also active in the public policy practice of pushing for the First Amendment rights to safe access to medical cannabis.

Prior to Lake, Ceglia was represented by DLA Piper, a multi-billion dollar firm with 4,200 lawyers around the world.

That DLA Piper took on Ceglia's case lent it credibility in the eyes of many public observers. However, the law firm dropped Ceglia's case on Tuesday, without detailing the reason. (However, PCMAG reports that it was Ceglia who dropped DLA Piper).

From the beginning, Facebook dismissed Ceglia's case as fraudulent. It alleges that the documents Ceglia used to back up his claim is amateurish forgery.

On his character, Facebook said Ceglia has spent the past seven years as a hustler engaged in various land swindles and wood-pellet scams.

Ceglia maintains that he's a businessman and an environmentalist.