Last night, the Boston Celtics took the win over the Atlanta Hawks 87-80 in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, but that's not the top story on sports blogs, websites and newspapers today; All were shocked in attendance at the game at Philips Area and those watching from home when Paul Pierce was seen dropping to one knee in prayer in a gesture that can only be labeled as Tebowing.

After a free throw success in the fourth quarter, Pierce fell to one knee at half court, clenched his fist and put his head down in prayer, leaving many questioning if Pierce was striking the pose that Tim Tebow made famous.

Did he just hit 'em with a Tebow? a NBATV host asked, stunned.

But why did Pierce Tebow anyway?

After the game, reporters questioned Pierce about the Tebowing gesture, and he replied that it just came to him.

You just want to thank God for putting you in those positions, Pierce said, as reported by the Huffington Post. It wasn't pre-scripted. It just came to me.

Almost immediately after his knee dropped to the court, Twitter was ablaze with criticism and support for the move.

Paul Pierce just 'Tebowed'. Next game, he plans on honoring Tim Tebow with bounce passes, Chris Berman, @FauxChrisBerman, tweeted.

Paul Pierce 'Tebowed' during playoff game tonight, now plans to take Mark Sanchez's job in September, tweeted FauxJohnMadden.

Some expressed happiness or amusement for striking Tim Tebow's signature move.

Paul Pierce tebowed life might be made, Twitter user MistahBahbis11 wrote.

While some fans were happy that Paul Pierce took a moment to communicate with a greater being, Celtics coach Doc Rivers, however, wished it hadn't happened.

I didn't know he did, Rivers told WEEI, noting his happiness with Pierce's 36 poiunts, 14 rebounds and four assists. You caught me off guard. I didn't see it. I missed it but if he did it, that's terrific. I wish he hadn't done it but I haven't seen it.