The Pentagon used 300,000 barrels a day of oil - the equivalent to 1.5 percent of the nation's total usage of 21 million barrels a day - Ashton Carter, undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics at the Pentagon said today, according to Reuters.

The Pentagon increased its spending on oil to $20 billion in fiscal 2008 from $13 billion after oil prices increased to record highs that year, he added.

Since the heavy U.S. use of fossil fuels is not helping move the nation toward energy independence and results in security risks, the U.S. Department of Energy is considering reducing its energy usage and working to make more efficient weapons, Carter said, in the report.

Energy is a driver. I'm seeing it crop up everywhere, Carter said.I'm committed to staying on top of this.

The Pentagon is reviewing its defense programs and will consider this aspect as a key issue, Carter said.