Peyton Manning
Quarterback Peyton Manning's jersey has been one of the most popular in the NFL for years. Reuters

A local Colorado school district has banned the jersey of new Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, due to its gang related number.

Manning wears No. 18, which a local school district in Greeley, Co. has banned for years because it is believed to be related to gang activity in the area.

A third grader was sent home Wednesday from a Greeley elementary school for wearing Manning's jersey, saying it had a negative association with the 18th Street Gang, known for organized crime in the area.

The school district has also banned the numbers 13, 14 and their reverse, along with 81.

Manning's newest jersey has been one of the top-sellers in the NFL, and was the most sold jersey from April 1 to July 31 according to the Denver Post.