PG&E Cleared
PG&E has been cleared of all liability in the 2017 Tubbs wildfire in Northern California. The PG&E logo is displayed on a truck on Jan. 17, 2019 in San Francisco. Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Following its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, PG&E (PCG) is being courted by two sets of investors that are looking to help the utility emerge and begin turning a profit again.

The investors, which are made up of a majority of hedge funds, will head toward the courtroom this week as they try to come to a resolution that will work for PG&E’s financial woes. The investors, however, have differing ideas on how to help PG&E, following its liabilities for the Southern California wildfires.

One group of investors, which makes up PG&E’s current equity owners, wants to pay for the wildfire claims primarily with new bonds that the utility would pay off over time by diverting profits, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. This would allow the equity owners to remain in control of the utility during the restructuring process despite lower returns in the future, the news outlet said.

The other group of investors reportedly is looking to infuse the utility with billions of dollars of new money, receiving stock shares in exchange, and taking control of PG&E themselves. With this plan, stakeholders would see their shares dilute, and the board of directors would be changed out while proposing that the wildfire claims be paid without raising customer rates, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

In court on Wednesday, the two groups of investors are requesting the bankruptcy judge to allow them to present their proposals, which typically allows for the company that filed bankruptcy to present their plan first. PG&E has until Sept. 26 to present their restructuring plan.

Shares of PG&E stock were down 0.58 percent as of 3:51 p.m. ET on Wednesday.