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Nick Foles #9 of the Philadelphia Eagles in action against the Minnesota Vikings during their NFC Championship game at Lincoln Financial Field on Jan. 21, 2018 in Philadelphia. Al Bello/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to play in the Super Bowl next week in Minneapolis against the New England Patriots and it's not just the team traveling to the city, so is the reputation of its fan base. Some Airbnb owners in Minneapolis are being told by the Homeowners Association to not rent out their places during the Super Bowl, according to an unverified message uploaded by a Reddit user.

The alleged note comes after the Minnesota Vikings lost to the Eagles on Sunday. The game brought some bad behavior from the Eagles’ side. Videos on social media showed Eagles fans pelting a Vikings bus with bottles, cans and other objects. Other clips showed Eagles fans throwing beer cans at Vikings fans outside the stadium. And despite the grease, there was pole climbing.

Eagles fans overall have a bad reputation over their behavior at past games, and now its interfering with their rentals. The message uploaded did not say owners were cancelling bookings because the renters were Eagles fans, but said it was because of concerns over violence and vandalism that followed last weekend's game in Philadelphia.

The message posted on Reddit said:

“[...] we just received notice today that out BOD for our HOA met Monday over concerns from the post game violence and vandalism in last weekends game in PHL and as a result decided to impose a no short term rent policy over the Super Bowl for our building.”

The Reddit user had booked the placed right after the Eagles won against the Vikings and was assured a refund for the cancellation.

The HOA rule seemed to have expanded to other places too.

“Sounds like this new HOA policy is being enforced at a lot of condos near us as of this week so I would recommend whoever you find next, that you now verify with them that their HOA is indeed going to allow it,” the message said.

Discrimination of Eagles fans!!! Just Received this from Airbnb after the owner learned I was coming from Philadelphia. Booked it right after the Eagles won. Everything seems booked now or too expensive!! from r/eagles

However, some Reddit users commented that HOA usually implements a no short-term rule during big events.

Superbowl rentals in Minnesota.
Superbowl rentals in Minnesota. Reddit
Superbowl rentals in Minnesota.
Superbowl rentals in Minnesota. Reddit

Meanwhile, people went on Twitter criticizing other Minnesotans who plan to rent to Eagles fans during the Super Bowl:

While Philadelphia fans have a reputation for getting out of hand, some Eagles fans apologized for their fan's behavior by donating more than $10,000 to Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer's foundation, according to USA Today.