The village of Hallstatt and Lake Hallstaetter is located in the province of Upper Austria. The alpine region of Hallstatt, Dachstein and Salzkammergut has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Hallstatt is the site of the world's oldest pipeline, which was constructed 400 years ago from 13,000 hollowed out trees.

In the village there is the small St. Michael Chapel and Charnel house, a Gothic structure in a small graveyard just north of the parish church, according to UNESCO.

It's basement contains a neatly arranged array of human skulls and long bones, with the skulls marked with names and details of the deceased.

At the 2001 census, the village it had 946 inhabitants. Alexander Scheutz has been mayor of Hallstatt since 2009.

Chinese architects plan to rebuild the village in full detail in the province Guandong.