Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Nvidia is planning on releasing a new version of the Android-powered Shield TV. Now, photos of what appears to be a new Nvidia Shield TV has surfaced online showing off two sizes and a redesigned controller.

New Nvidia Shield TV The new, larger Nvidia Shield with the redesigned gamepad. Photo: Android Police

The new version of the Nvidia Shield TV looks exactly the same with the original. The remote control appears to look the same as well. The most glaring change is on its new gamepad, which looks like it went through a design overhaul.

The new gamepad has geometric lines that populate the whole controller. The capacitive media buttons have also been placed on the bottom, while the top just features the Nvidia logo minus the touchpad.

Overall, the controller appears to be more ergonomic compared to its older counterpart. The gamepad’s body has been slimmed down and Nvidia has completely ditched the previous generation’s fat and bulky design.

Nvidia Shield TV Gamepad The new Nvidia Shield TV gamepad get a design overhaul. Photo: Android Police

What’s more surprising about the new Nvidia Shield TV is that it might come in two different sizes, according to Android Police. The publication was also the one that acquired these renders and published a story about them this past Monday.

There’s no information yet on what are the differences between the different-sized models. It’s possible that the larger of the two might come with better performance, a larger internal storage or even support for some new features, as pointed out by 9To5Google.

Another possibility is that the smaller version of the device might simply be the current Nvidia Shield TV. Nvidia might be selling the new and old versions of the device at the same time, but the old one will now be bundled with the redesigned gamepad.

Nvidia will be attending CES 2017, which kicks off on Jan. 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s been rumored previously that the new Nvidia Shield TV will be announced at that same event.

Nvidia Shield TV The smaller version of the new Nvidia Shield TV. Photo: Android Police

Nvidia Shield TV The original Nvidia Shield TV featuring the fat gamepad. Photo: Phandroid