The Kickstarter project for “PipPow” is now live. Kickstarter

“PipPow” is an action platformer that boasts of an interesting gameplay, arenas and so much more. It has a free mobile game version that is now out on Google’s Play Store.

The 5-man Houston, Texas-based studio WazzCorp is working on a big action platformer called “PipPow.” It’s already 4 months into the development of the game, and it is now asking for gamers to help in realizing its plan of launching the game in May 2019. WazzCorp is promising a stylized gritty, hack-and-slash multiplayer to get people into backing the game’s Kickstarter project. However, there’s more to this game than just that.


According to WazzCorp, “PipPow” will be a platforming adventure that involves the exploration of worlds and certain environments. The game is also said to feature puzzles that will lead players to advance into different arenas. As for the hack-and-slash aspect of the game, the developer is teasing that players will have “free flow movement and combat.” The game will not only give players freedom to do the things they want, it will also enable them to create their own play styles with the combination of characters and weapons they choose.

PipPow screenshot
“PipPow” gameplay screenshot Kickstarter/WazzCorp

Expounding more about gameplay, WazzCorp has described each multiplayer mode of “PipPow”:

  • Story Mode - This is the gaming mode for the main story of the game. This will put the protagonist, named Victor, into the spotlight as he engages in a crazy adventure on a prisoner planet. He and the captured victims are tasked to combat the aggressive wildlife lurking in the bizarre world. Not only that, he is also supposed to escape the planet incognito. This mode uses cooperative play
  • Swarm Mode - This mode puts three players together in a mission that involves fighting waves of the Chorrid or the hostile creatures roaming the prisoner planet.
  • Tournament - This mode puts up to 10 players in an arena that has a lane-based combat play style.
  • CTF (Capture the flag) - Players are tasked to seize the flag of enemies as they defend their own in this 4v4 mode.
  • Slay - A free-for-all mode set in an 8-player arena, this is what this mode is about.


WazzCorp has designed “PipPow” to come with over 20 arenas at launch, and this does not include the open world outside of the prisoner planet. In the main game, players are tasked to put up a show for the audience and higher-ups that are viewing the prisoner planet from the outer space. The higher-ups have prepared the different arenas for the stages that players will have to go through as they work their way through the story. The developer has yet to reveal the different arenas.

PipPow Arena
“PipPow” Arena screenshot Kickstarter/WazzCorp

Mobile Game

The people behind “PipPow” have come up with a mobile version of its upcoming game. Called “PipPow: Defeat MotherCrusher,” the game is now available on the Google Play Store. The WazzCorp developers said they came up with this mobile game to showcase the aesthetics of the action platformer ahead of its launch. This is also to prove to everyone their capacity to take on such a big project, despite the fact that they are not that known in the gaming industry yet. The mobile game is completely free and it doesn’t contain any ads at all, so get your copy here.

More details about “PipPow” are arriving in the coming days. For now, interested gamers can help fund the Kickstarter project that has an initial goal of $35,000. Visit the Kickstarter page here.