“Street Fighter 5’s” newest character addition is the formerly non-playable character in “Street Fighter IV,” Ed. Find out the story behind the new DLC character, his fighting style, power and special moves below.

The recent leak about the sixth main numbered entry in the “Street Fighter” series turned out to be true. Capcom has now released the official description and introduction trailer of new DLC character Ed. if anything, the new guy will definitely remind fans of M. Bison and Balrog as he has been designed to channel the two characters, as per Eurogamer.


The official reveal trailer for Ed shows him looking a bit like Balrog and M. Bison, and there’s a big reason behind this. Apparently, the young commander was raised by Balrog and he has the genes of M. Bison, which explains why he can emit Psycho Power. Fans should also be familiar with Ed by now, considering that he appeared in “Street Fighter 4” and “Super Street Fighter 4.” Compared to his previous appearances though, Ed is now a playable character.

Ed DLC 2
“Street Fighter 5” new DLC character Ed Capcom Unity

Fighting Style & Power

For players who are interested in using the character when he officially arrives, Ed is skilled in boxing and in using his feet for strong kicks. As previously mentioned, he has the capacity to channel Psycho Power, and this is thanks to M. Bison’s experimentation.

Special Moves

The trailer for the new addition to the Season 2 Character Pass gives a glimpse of Ed’s abilities and special moves including Psycho Snatcher V-Skill, Psycho Cannon V-Trigger and Psycho Barrage Critical Art. The first one pulls his opponent close to him, while the second move forms a Psycho ball of energy that can be used when attacking opponents. The last move is a flurry of punches enhanced by Psycho Power.

Capcom Unity has released a statement about Ed’s special moves:

“What makes Ed especially unique is how players perform his special moves. His special moves have simple inputs; they only require simultaneous button presses, repeatedly pressing a button, or holding down a button. Only Ed’s Critical Art is done by inputting a traditional motion.”


Capcom has not provided a specific release date yet; the game developer and publisher just stated that players should expect Ed to arrive “soon.” However, players can get their hands on the new playable character during the Capcom Fighters Network Beta, which is scheduled to run on both PC and PS4 from May 11 to 14. The best part is this beta will be available to everyone on both platforms, so one does not need to own “Street Fighter 5” to gain access, according to GameSpot.

“Street Fighter 5’s” newest playable character, Ed. Capcom Unity

As mentioned earlier, Ed is part of “Street Fighter 5’s” Season 2 Character Pass, which is slated for release later this year. The pass costs $29.99, and it includes other characters like Akuma and Kolin. The pass also comes with various battle costumes and color variants of the characters’ outfits.

Prior to Capcom’s official statement about Ed, a listing on the PlayStation Store that was first exposed via NeoGAF claimed that Ed will be the next DLC character to join the game. Some images of the character were also leaked online, but they have since been removed and are now up on the official Capcom Unity website.

Ed is the latest addition to the “Street Fighter 5” character roster, and he has a look that will remind players of M. Bison and Balrog.