Pokemon GO
Niantic Labs is rolling out a new update to "Pokémon GO" soon. Getty Images/VASILY MAXIMOV

If you play Pokémon Go every day, you already know the new update may have you asking “Who’s that Pokémon?”

The update added over 80 new Pokémon to the game for players to catch. Other additions include new and more evolutions, new avatars and wardrobe options, and new interactions between players and the Pokémon in the game.

With the Pokémon Go Gen 2 update live, Pokémon fans are once again searching for their favorite Pokémon Go memes and Pokémon Go song like the “I play Pokémon GO everyday ” video. In the process of the Gen 2 update, it brought back a 10-year-old Youtube video that has since inspired more Pokémon Go memes.

I Play 'Pokémon Go' Everyday Song

The short video shows a TV screen with the words “Who’s that Pokémon?” and an outline of a creature to guess the name of. A game that would play during commercial breaks when the show was on air. Someone in the background of the video yells out that it’s Pikachu in response to the television, and then let’s out an anguished “Goddamnit!” followed by yelling when it’s revealed that it’s really Koffing.

The video gained popularity, inspired more videos, and eventually became a meme. Now the meme is back. People are tweeting “Who’s that Pokémon?” in so many different contexts that it’s taken on several new meanings. Sometimes the phrase is accompanied by photos of everyday objects, friends, or an actual pokémon as a joke.

'Pokémon Go' Memes

It’s also been used as a comeback in response to tweets or to question something weird or out of the ordinary.

And then of course there are traditionalists using the phrase as it was originally used.