Last Tuesday, Niantic Labs rolled out new versions of “Pokémon GO” — version 0.59.1 for Android and version 1.29.1 for iOS — promising that the 7-day streak feature will henceforth deliver rewards like Evolution Items to players. However, it seems the fix the company provided still doesn’t solve the issue according to active players of the mobile game.

Reddit user TheMetro_Gnome started a subreddit after Niantic rolled out its latest “Pokémon GO” update showing evidence that, on his end, Evolution Items are still appearing at random. This could mean that the 7-day streak reward system is still not working properly like what the developer promised.

Many other Trainers shared the same opinion on what they noticed when they played “Pokémon GO” recently. A user with the handle RIyeh wrote: “Can confirm this as well. Got my only evolution item so far from a random PokéStop. No weekly/daily/10th in a row/whatever stop.” Another user with the handle Jstbcool chimed in: “I can also confirm this. I got a sunstone this morning from a random stop. It was not my first spin of the day and not my 7th day either.”

However, when a player asked TheMetro_Gnome if he has updated his app to the latest version prior to starting the subreddit, it was found out that the Redditor has not updated his “Pokémon GO” app thinking that the update wasn’t needed for the 7-day streak tweaks to take effect. After which, some players confirmed that the 7-day streak feature now appears to be functioning properly. They shared that they got Evolution Items because today was their 7th day spin.

Nonetheless, there were still players who maintained that the Evolution Items continue to appear at random. A few also expressed their disappointment that the Evolution Items are still elusive based on their experience. Reddit user keepcrazy stated: “I spin a minimum of 10 poky stops [sic] a day… I don’t have any evolution items at all.”

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