Previous reports revealed that “Pokemon Sword and Shield” will be unlike every other entry in the “Pokemon” series of games for one major reason: it won't feature every single Pokemon, starting from those featured in the first titles, “Pokemon Red,” Pokemon Blue” and “Pokemon Green.”

This issue, called the “National PokeDex” controversy, resulted in the internet going in an uproar. Fans started calling Game Freak, the studio that works on the “Pokemon” titles, as “lazy” and “greedy.” Many of them demanded via social media that the game studio should bring back the National PokeDex and include every single pocket monster from every title in the series.

Now, leaks revealed that Game Freak really isn't bringing the National PokeDex back. According to a report from Polygon, leaks from ResetEra reveal a lot of details about the PokeDex featured in “Pokemon Sword and Shield,” and these details are sure to disappoint a lot of players who've been used to collecting and transferring their Pokemon over different versions.

The leak specifically mentioned that the “Pokemon Sword and Shield” PokeDex will only feature 400 Pokemon, not including the Mythicals. Of the 400 Pokemon featured in the games, 81 are completely new species while 13 are returning but have new forms designed for the new Galar region, two of which are Galarian Zigzagoon (and its evolutions) and Galarian Weezing.

The Galar region also introduces new evolutions to some older Pokemon. For example, Farfetch'd, the leek-holding duck from the first generation, can now evolve to Sirfetch'd, a noble duck that uses the leek as a weapon and the leek's top bud as a shield.

“Pokemon Sword and Shield” also introduces Gigantamax Pokemon. Previous reports revealed that new Pokemon such as Alcremie, Drednaw and Corviknight all have Gigantamax forms that change their size, appearance and abilities. Some familiar Pokemon also have Gigantamax forms: Pikachu, for example, becomes Fat Pikachu. Charizard, on the other hand, looks way more ferocious than ever.

The leaks revealed that many Pokemon from various generations did not make the cut and won't make an appearance in the new titles. Squirtle, Bulbasaur and many others from various titles are absent. Familiar Pokemon like Snorlax, Diglett and more are coming. Some will come in a different form, but some will come as they are.