WARSAW - Warsaw signed an agreement on Monday to sell its surplus carbon emission permits under the Kyoto Protocol (AAUs) worth 25 million euros ($37.5 million) to Madrid, Polish and Spanish prime ministers said on Monday.

Earlier in November Warsaw said it would sign its first such deal and that more were to follow since it had some 500 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent to sell under the global climate pact.

Today we also sign a very important, unprecedented agreement for Poland, on the sales of emission permits, Poland's Prime Minister Donald Tusk told a joint conference with his Spanish counterpart Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

Tusk and Zapatero spoke after bilateral government's consultations in Poland's northern city of Sopot, which also encompassed European Union affairs and a proposal to enhance the bloc's security forces.

They also recalled the fall of the Berlin Wall as world leaders gather in Berlin 20 years after the unification of Germany which marked the symbolic end of communism in central and eastern Europe.

(Writing by Gabriela Baczynska)