• "Elden Ring" was announced at the E3 2019
  • Since then, FromSoftware has been silent about the game
  • Until now, devs have not yet revealed the specific release date of "Elden Ring"

The original source of the leaked six-second "Elden Ring" footage has been located and it appears that it did not originate from the devs. Meanwhile, a potential release date of the highly-anticipated action RPG title from FromSoftware has been leaked again.

The leaked "Elden Ring" footage posted on 4Chan a few days ago, claiming that it was from the game developer, has been debunked recently. On Reddit, user Blue_Affinity exposed the leak as a fake and attached a link to an artist's portfolio. It turns out the 'leaked' footage is not from the devs but the artistic work of the 3D Concept Artist Jack Phan.

On the artist's ArtStation, visitors can find a two-minute video titled "The Hall of Their Pasts," which Phan made for a graduate thesis. It contains panning shots of what seems like an abandoned throne room, which according to the artist himself, was designed with "Dark Souls" in mind. The mirrored version of the rumored "Elden Ring" six-second footage is at the 0:28 mark in the video. 

elden ring A new leaked image reveals the release date of "Elden Ring," as well as, its presence in this year's The Game Wards. Photo: Elden Ring/Bandai Namco/FromSoftware/George R. R. Martin

Fans can find below the full video where the 4Chan uploader took the rumored "Elden Ring" footage. According to Gamerant, the artist "stated that he is flattered people were convinced it was genuine." In other "Elden Ring" news, many fans believe that the much-awaited game from FromSoftware would not release until April 2022.

Rumors about the game's new release window surfaced online recently following the latest earnings call of Kadokawa, a company with investments in FromSoftware. In its forecast for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2022, the company noted it's anticipating "contribution made by new works." According to industry insider Okami, "Elden Ring is a 'priority release' for them and will supposedly be From Software's biggest release yet." 

He added that "A recent investor call reportedly states that ELDEN RING is planned for release this fiscal year, 2021 (ending March 2022)." With the decision-makers reportedly eyeing to release the game in the early part of 2022, it is safe to say that more "Elden Ring" news could surface in the coming days. However, in the absence of an official announcement and confirmation from the devs, fans should temper their expectations and take the latest information with a pinch of salt.